Resources of the Library

Many of the resources in the following list are archival in nature and are housed in an underground storage vault to preserve the materials for future use. Where feasible, copies of the archived material in the vault are available in paper and electronic form for regular use.

  • Historical photo albums showing the history of the area from the fur traders until present day
  • Currently there are over 7000 photographs, many have been obtained from old Park Rangers and their families
  • 15,000 35 mm slides on human and natural history
  • A vast visual archive containing collections of digitized images from photographs and slides. Presently there are over 12600 catalogued images. The images can be found in the John B. Ridley Research Library's Catalogue of Visual Images
  • Index cards that have been compiled by the park historian; these records include chronological history, biography, lake names, bird observations, eagle and osprey nests and points of interest for Quetico Park
  • A large collection of books (over 4000 and growing) and periodicals covering a wide range of topics including biology, ecology, history, native history and culture, canoeing, archaeology, and wilderness management
  • Databases containing inventories of campsites, portages, hazards, travel statistics/models, sensitive areas, and candidate nature reserves
  • Reports and databases related to data collected under long-term ecological research monitoring programs
  • Oral history tapes: over 300 taped interviews with Park staff and others related to the Park's history
  • VHS Videos and 16 mm. films
  • Maps: current and historical maps on such topics as timber berths, forest resource inventory, aerial sketches, mining claims, geology, fire history, campsite inventory, points of interest
  • Records of sitings and observations of wildlife in and around Quetico Park
  • Herbarium and entomological collections
  • Research reports
  • Historical archives
  • Articles, pamphlets, brochures, etc. related to the Library's goals

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