John B. Ridley Research Library
Quetico Provincial Park

Yellow pollen along the shore, taken by Shan Walshe.

Welcome to the John B. Ridley Research Library's Home Page. Here you will learn what is available at the Library. The Library is located in the lower level of the Quetico Park Information Pavilion which can be found at the Dawson Trail Campgrounds in Quetico Provincial Park. Quetico Provincial Park is a wilderness park located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Ontario Parks define wilderness parks as: "...substantial areas where the forces of nature are permitted to function freely and where visitors travel by non-mechanized means and experience expansive solitude, challenge and personal integration with nature." People come to Quetico Park to enjoy life at an easier pace, visit the Library or to canoe the vast network of rivers and lakes.

The Library was established in 1986 by the Quetico Foundation as a memorial to its former chairperson John B. Ridley. The mandate given to the library was to serve anyone with an interest in Quetico Park and environs, its history, resources, and the preservation and management of its wilderness and the lands around it. The Library assists in the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Quetico Park through various programs like Quetico's Natural Heritage Education Program. Visit the following links to learn more about the Library's history or goals .

Many of the resources found in the Library are unique and special to Quetico Park. The history files and oral history recordings are an invaluable reference to much unpublished information on Quetico Park. Quetico has a rich aboriginal history and culture; material on this can be found in the Library and Archives of Quetico Park. The book database contains basic reference sources as well as reports and theses pertaining to the Park. The visual image database includes photos and slides covering a wide range of topics from aboriginal history and culture, park staff (past and present) to the natural history of Quetico.

A professional librarian is available to assist visitors and provide research assistance to those visiting the Library or making inquiries by various means.

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