Goals of the John B. Ridley
Research Library

The Library's mandate is to serve anyone with an interest in Quetico Park and environs, its history, resources, and the preservation and management of its wilderness and the lands around it. To achieve the mandate the Library has several goals:

  • To collect and provide resources for the study and interpretation of the natural and cultural history and wilderness management of Quetico Provincial Park and environs.
  • To preserve the history of Quetico Provincial Park, in perpetuity, for the people of Ontario.
  • To be a proactive participant in information management as well as access and distribution services using all available technologies.
  • The Library shares and will work to support the goals and objectives of Quetico Provincial Park, the Quetico Foundation and the Quetico/Atikokan Environmental Research Initiative (QuAERI).
  • The Library shares the historical, scientific, interpretive, educational and recreational interests of the Park including the support of Quetico Park research, regional long-term ecosystem research monitoring and environmental education.
  • The Library has a vital archival role in acquiring and preserving this natural and cultural heritage. This information will provide social and economic benefits as well as building a knowledge base for scientific research.

A beautiful sunset in Quetico Park taken by Shan Walshe.

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